Love daffodils? Meet their perfect bedfellows

The Seasonal Gardener pairs stand out plants with their ideal partners

Signs of Spring. 1 (left) Narcissus ‘Quail’ 2 (right) Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae (Mrs Robb’s bonnet) 3 (top) Tanacetum parthenium ‘Aureum’ (Golden feverfew). Page 35. Picture credits: © Jason Ingram (1) GAP Photos: Martin Hughes-Jones (2) © Claire Takacs

The rice field green that influenced Japanese court clothing

Our new book Iro: The Essence of Colour in Japanese Design shows how mother nature inspired acceptable shades for ladies in waiting

Kudamemo, Pear, 2009, Masashi Tentaku / D-Bros. Paper, Adhesive. Image courtesy of D-BROS. Wakanaeiro (Young Rice Seedlings)

Why potatoes remind Core’s Clare Smyth of childhood days at the beach

The acclaimed chef shares the story behind one of her best loved, and most personal dishes

Potato and roe, trout and herring roe and dulse beurre Blanc. Photograph by Nathan Snoddon

The pinky shade of blossom still blooming popular in Japan

Our new book Iro: The Essence of Colour in Japanese Design shows how once fashionable colours for courtiers live on in the country's newer designs

Pink Bubble Necklace, 2020, Mariko Kusumoto. Image courtesy of Mariko Kusumoto. The necklace is kōbaiiro, or plum safflower red.

How a mouse made its way into Japanese fashion

Our new book Iro: The Essence of Colour in Japanese Design sheds light on the country’s most popular shades - and the rodent that inspired one of them

Kibiso (Raw Silk) Slink, 2008, Reiko Sudo / NUNO. Kibiso. Image courtesy of NUNO, photographs by Yuki Seli. Sunezu (Pure Mouse Grey)

The slippery term that means both blue and green in Japan

Our new book Iro: The Essence of Colour in Japanese Design pins down one of the country’s enduring cultural mysteries

Kimono SH-004, 2004, Hiroko Takahashi. Silk. Image courtesy of Takahashi Hiroko Inc. Its colour is nandoiro or 'storage room'

The modern, milky shade that’s a relatively new sight in Japan

Our new book Iro: The Essence of Colour in Japanese Design describes how a paler colour found a place in the country’s cultural spectrum

Cabbage chair, 2008, by nendo. As reproduced in Iro

Painting, race and Lorna Simpson

Though the artist’s canvases reference Duchamp and German romanticism, racial politics are never far below the surface

Soundlessness (2016) by Lorna Simpson

Ebay, surrealism and Lorna Simpson

From found footage to dime-store photo booth portraits, the artist’s vintage online finds have freed her to create arbitrary and occasionally surrealist installations

Barbara Log #5, 2008 by Lorna Simpson

Rihanna, Dada and Lorna Simpson

Here’s how a century-old avant-garde movement informed Simpson’s iconic images

Lorna Simpson, Essence magazine front cover, 14 January 2021. Cori Murray, Rihanna And Artist Lorna Simpson

Hair, identity and Lorna Simpson

How this important artist weaves together cultural, racial (and tonsorial) concerns

Wigs II, (1994–2006) by Lorna Simpson

Did anyone see where Paola Pivi’s leopard went?

No visitors were allowed into the gallery while Pivi’s big cat prowled, which is why this unapproachable work leaves us hungry for more

Paola Pivi, One cup of cappuccino then I go, 2007.

The unexplained questions in Lorna Simpson’s Waterbearer

The US artist’s enigmatic images and captions aren’t easy to respond to or reconcile

Waterbearer, 1986,  by Lorna Simpson

In snow, air and in the city - the beauty in Paola Pivi’s 'other' beasts

Zebras, horses, an alligator and fish have all found their way into her work

Paola Pivi, Untilted (zebras), 2003; photographic print mounted on aluminium, 340 x 428 cm. photograph by Hugo Glendinning. Courtesy MASSIMODECARLO

How to view the colours in Faith Ringgold’s Black Light paintings

When the artist engaged with American abstract art she did not leave race relations out of the picture

Faith Ringgold, Black Light Series #1: Big Black, 1967. Oil on canvas. Perez Art Museum Miami, museum purchase with funds provided by Jorge M. Perez, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. © Faith Ringgold / ARS, NY and DACS, London, courtesy ACA Galleries, New York 2021

The French Collection and the liberty of Faith Ringgold

In paying tribute to the artists of pre-war Europe, Ringgold also asserted her own creative freedoms

Faith Ringgold, Dancing at the Louvre: The French Collection Part I, #1, 1991. Quilted fabric and acrylic paint. The Gund Gallery at Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio. © Faith Ringgold / ARS, NY and DACS, London, courtesy ACA Galleries, New York 2021

The life of Die, Faith Ringgold’s absolutely startling masterpiece

We trace the development of the painter’s 1967 work, via Picasso, MoMA and the Civil Rights Movement

Faith Ringgold, American People Series #20: Die, 1967. Oil on canvas, two panels, 72 x 144 in (182.9 x 365.8 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Purchase; and gift of The Modern Women's Fund. © Faith Ringgold / ARS, NY and DACS, London, courtesy ACA Galleries, New York 2021. Digital Image © The Museum of Modern Art/Licensed by SCALA / Art Resource, NY

The dark truth about Paola Pivi’s brightly coloured bears

Our new book explains how Pivi’s exotic sculptures capture our love of, but our alienation from, the natural world

Paola Pivi, You are too cute, 2019

The surprising reality behind Paola Pivi’s boat bound Dada donkey

There's a fair amount of realism within the artist’s surrealist visions, as our new book reveals

Paola Pivi, Untitled (donkey), 2003.

Woman Made: Saša Štucin

The Slovenian-born designer, featured in Woman Made, describes her studio Soft Baroque’s work as ‘future practical’, using elements that hint at how objects might serve a new purpose in the future

Saša Štucin

Woman Made: Egg Collective

To Mark International Women's Day we put the spotlight on a New York based design group featured in our book, Woman Made

Egg Collective photographed by Matthew Williams

Appreciate anemones? Pair them with the cosmos!

In The Seasonal Gardener Anna Pavord explains how to bring flowers into autumn - side by side

Into Autumn. 1 (top right) Aconitum carmichaelii 'Arendsii' (Monkshood) 2 (left) Ferula communis (Giant fennel) 3 (bottom right) Euonymus planipes 'Sancho'; (Spindle). Picture credits: Clive Nichols (1); Andrea Jones/Garden Exposures Photo Library (2) Alamy Stock Photo: John Richmond (3)

Adore rhododendrons? Combine them with perennial primula

In The Seasonal Gardener, Anna Pavord suggests we rethink this familiar shrub

Spring Turns to Summer. 1 (bottom left) Rhododendron luteum 2 (bottom right) Primula capitata subsp. Mooreana 3 (top) Iris histrioides ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’. Picture credits: © Andrea Jones/Garden Exposures Photo Library (1, 2) GAP Photos (3)

Take pleasure from tulips? Here's what you should bed in beside them

In The Seasonal Gardener Anna Pavord guides gardeners through spring’s explosion, as well as later summer blooms

Signs of Spring. 1 (top right) Tulipa 'Prinses Irene' 2 (left) Geranium 'Brookside' 3 (bottom right) Euphorbia epithymoides 'Major'. Picture credits: Jason Ingram (1,3) Clive Nichols (2)

Favour fuchsias? Try this creative planting combination

In the seasonal gardener, Anna Pavord recommends this long-flowering shrub as one of her stars of summer

High Summer. 1 (bottom left) Fuchsia magellanica 2 (bottom right) Salvia 'Indigo Spires'; 3 (top) Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus.Picture credits: Claire Takacs (1) GAP Photos: Martin Hughes-Jones (2) Pernilla Bergdahl (3)

How Core’s Clare Smyth gives her diners a new taste of old London

The 3 star chef turns the peculiarly British eccentricity jellied eels into a thoroughly modern delicacy

Jellied eel, toasted seaweed and malt vinegar. Photograph by Nathan Snoddon

The ancient British grain Core’s Clare Smyth is making fashionable again

Spelt may be a centuries old cereal, but the the chef gets hers from a very modern source - the founder of fashion brand Mulberry

Spelt, as featured in Core. Photograph by Nathan Snoddon

The tiny dish that sums up great hospitality for Core’s Clare Smyth

A chance encounter at one of France’s great culinary establishments taught the chef an important lesson about giving, as she explains in her new book

Core gougères. Photograph by Nathan Snoddon

Discover how Core’s Clare Smyth built up her brigade of culinary all-stars

The hugely talented British chef understands that gastronomic excellence is a team sport

The brigade in Core's three-star kitchen. Photograph by  Nathan Snoddon

Try working this one Wellness Principle into your diet

Dr Gary Deng argues that a healthy plant-based diet can still include a little meat - and this is how much...

Cashew chicken, from The Wellness Principles

Try this Wellness Principle next time you fry

Whether in a sizzling pan or nourishing your body, Dr Gary Deng knows that not all oils are the same

Pan-seared sea bass, from The Wellness Principles

Try this Wellness Principle on the days you're in the office

Dr Gary Deng has some advice on your exercise routine, as well as a pretty good office lunch choice

Salt and Vinegar Broiled Spanish Mackerel. Photography: Luke Albert

Try this Wellness Principle at breakfast

Dr Gary Deng says it’s not just what you eat, but also how much and when, that affects your overall health

Whole-wheat pancakes, from The Wellness Principles

Try these Three Wellness Principles next time you go food shopping

Dr Gary Deng has some great, simple advice for anyone wanting to healthily fill a shopping cart

Pages from The Wellness Principles featuring Dr Gary Deng's Full Spectrum Salad

Go Wild and overgrown with Christopher Lloyd

Our new book Wild describes how the creator of Great Dixter’s gardens always loved a little grass

Great Dixter House and Garden: Meadows, Northiam, East Sussex, England. Designers: original layout by Edwin Lutyens, planting by Daisy Lloyd, Christopher Lloyd and Fergus Garrett. Photography by Claire Takacs

Nicolas Party releases new Phaidon and Artspace edition

'I have an intimate relationship with this one. When I decided to make it as a woodcut, it felt like I was on a new journey with an old friend' he tells

Nicolas Party, New York 2020

Carmen Herrera 1915-2022

Born in pre-revolutionary Cuba, this Great Woman Artist painted in Paris and New York before finding recognition at the age of 89. Here we pay tribute and republish a interview with her

 Carmen Herrera photo courtesy Lisson Gallery © Carmen Herrera

Go wild but urban in the garden with Zac Tudor

Our new book, Wild: The Naturalistic Garden takes a look at how one of Britain's big cities is going green

Grey to Green City Garden, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Designer: Zac Tudor and Sheffield City Council landscape team. Photography by Claire Takacs. From Wild: The Naturalistic Garden

David Byrne’s Dingbats and the art of self knowledge

What makes us the people we are? Byrne’s new book, A History of the World (in Dingbats) has something approaching an answer

 David Byrne / © 2022 Todo Mundo Ltd. from Part Three: Bridge to Mind

From flowers, to hand gestures to vases, Artifacts will help you decode the hidden meanings in art museums

Don’t know a Grecian vase from your elbow? Allow our new collection of fascinating art facts to fill you in

Pages from Artifacts

Go wild and arty in the garden with James Corner

The High Line might look wild, but it’s a highly artful rendering of the natural world, as our new book Wild explains

 High Line, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA. Designer: James Corner Field Operations, Diller Scoficio + Renfro, and Piet Oudolf. Photography by Claire Takacs

Can’t live off art? Don’t worry. These are the jobs artists chose before they made it, as revealed in our new book, Artifacts

Our new book uncovers the pre-fame careers of some of the world’s most famous artists

Pages from Artifacts

Why Portugal’s seafood hints at its Arabian influence

There might be pork in this stew of shellfish and corn, but its origins remain distinctly Islamic

Corn Porridge with Wedge Shell Clams

The stew that helped Portugal conquer the globe

When Portugal’s sailors took all the good beef, the cooks of Porto came up with this ingenious way to make less appetising cuts great

Meat Stew with Beans and Spices - Porto Style. Photography by Mário Ambrózio and Rafael Rodrigues at Raw Studio

Try this gluten-free crowd pleaser

Serve this pulled pork sandwich with cabbage-apple slaw in a cornbread bun, and no one need know it’s all completely gluten free

 Pulled Pork Sandwich with Cabbage-Apple Slaw Meat and Poultry. Photography by Infraordinario Studio for Dalcò Edizioni S.r.l.

What can great art schools teach us about the creative process? Our new book Artifacts has some ideas

Our new book of art world facts sheds light on the links between a sound education and success in the gallery system

Pages from Artifacts

Great artists can get pretty creative when it comes to pet naming. Our new book Artifacts reveals some of the best

What links Dante Gabriel Rossetti to Frida Kahlo? A love of exotic, animal companions, explains our new book of art facts

Pages from Artifacts

David Byrne’s Dingbats and the art of motivation

The singer, songwriter and fine artist’s new book of simple, yet absorbing drawings has something to say getting ourselves out of challenging territory

A Pimple on My Ass. David Byrne / © 2022 Todo Mundo Ltd. from Part Four: I Can See Beyond the Swamp!

An impressive dinner party choice from Vegan at Home

This vegetable tagine is a tasty, comforting and eye-catching centrepiece dish, suitable for vegans and nonvegans alike

Vegetable Tagine, Tzatiki, Flatbread, Herbed Quinoa, Spicy Roasted Carrots with Black Gomasio. Photography by Hildur Ársælsdóttir

How Portugal's greens changed Japanese cuisine

Portugal the Cookbook tells a surprising tale about tempura

Battered Green Beans, known as peixinhos da horta or 'little fish from the garden' from Portugal the Cookbook

A gluten-free, deeply indulgent Sunday lunch

Cristian Broglia's new book The Gluten-Free Cookbook has the lowdown on this delicious steak with chimichurri sauce

Steak with Chimichurri Sauce. Photography by Infraordinario Studio for Dalcò Edizioni S.r.l.

Summer Reads: Why KAWS messed with the Simpsons

On a visit to Japan the artist truly realised the power of internationally recognised imagery


The loving partnership HAY was built on

Read why Mette and Rolf Hay, the founders of one of Scandinavia’s foremost home design brands, bring to mind an earlier, 20th century design couple

Mette and Rolf with their dog Lola at their home in Denmark. Photo by Jody Barton

Go Wild and free in the garden with Kate Kerin

Our new garden book on naturalistic planting shows how a reversal of fortunes changed one garden for the better

Innisfree, Millbrook, New York, USA. Designer: Lester Collins, with Walter and Marion Beck; Curator, Kate Kerin. Photography by Claire Takacs

David Byrne’s Dingbats and the art of living freely

The singer, songwriter and fine artist has something to say about the cities we build in our heads

Development. David Byrne / © 2022 Todo Mundo Ltd. from Part Five: Cityhead

David Byrne’s Dingbats and the art of temptation

The singer’s new book of philosophical doodles has something to say about dreams coming true

 David Byrne / © 2022 Todo Mundo Ltd. from Part Six: Careful What You Wish For

David Byrne’s Dingbats and the art of collective change

The singer, songwriter and fine artist charts a course for post-Covid life via his inimitable drawings

Eusocial Utopia. David Byrne / © 2022 Todo Mundo Ltd.

Go wild but stay sustainable in the garden with Olivier Filippi

Our new garden book on naturalistic planting shows that drought resistant plants can have a wild side

Le Jardin Sec, Mèze, France. Designer: Olivier Filippi. Photography by Claire Takacs

What do these odd collections say about these famous artists? Our new book Artifacts has some surprising insights

Not all artists collect paintings and sculptures. Quite a few actually have some pretty shocking troves. Our new book gathered them all together

Pages from Artifacts

A gluten-free, highly satisfying start to the day

The Gluten Free Cookbook packs in the taste while cutting out a certain protein, particularly in its breakfast recipes

 Shakshuka. Photography by Infraordinario Studio for Dalcò Edizioni S.r.l.

Go Wild and artful in the garden with Piet Oudolf

Wild: The Naturalistic Garden explains how this Dutch gardener has paired wild plantings with a deeply restrained sense of order

Hauser & Wirth, Somerset by Piet Oudolf, from Wild

Create an easy, tasty Vegan breakfast

You can make this oat porridge with rhubarb, kale, and cardamom in minutes and feel great for the rest of your day!

oat porridge with rhubarb, kale, and cardamom, from Vegan at Home

A gluten-free dinner party favourite

Italian chef and and culinary researcher Cristian Broglia includes this Tuscan classic in his new collection of gluten-free dishes

 Tuscan Seafood Stew. Photography by Infraordinario Studio for Dalcò Edizioni S.r.l.

Go wild and brutal in the garden with Nigel Dunnett

Discover how this academic-turned-landscaper turned London’s best-loved Brutalist development into an unlikely wild paradise

Barbican Estate, London, England. Designer: Nigel Dunnett. Photography by Claire Takacs

A gluten-free, easy midweek dinner

Enjoy that classic Spanish dish, while still cutting out all gluten

 Salt Cod and White Bean Salad. Photography by Infraordinario Studio for Dalcò Edizioni S.r.l.

A gluten-free chocolatey treat

Italy, the home of gluten-rich pizza and pasta, also gave us this delicious, flourless cake

 Flourless chocolate cake. Photography by Infraordinario Studio for Dalcò Edizioni S.r.l.

Are you doing galleries the wrong way? Our new book Artifacts has some surprising insights

Take a look at our new collection of art, artist and art world facts before you head to the museum

Pages from Artifacts

The nuns that turned leftovers into Portugal's best-loved dish

In Portugal: The Cookbook Leandro Carreira traces the surprising journey of one of the country’s delicacies

Pastéis de Nata or Custard Tarts. Photography by Mário Ambrózio and Rafael Rodrigues at Raw Studio

All you need to know about The Only Woman

Examine the gender politics at play in this photobook of singular women, making it in a man’s world

The Only Woman

All you need to know about Louis I Kahn

This updated and redesigned edition of Robert McCarter’s monograph sheds greater light on this master of architecture

Louis I Kahn

All you need to know about Yves Saint Laurent Museum Marrakech

Our new book tells the definitive story of the landmark museum in Marrakech dedicated to the legendary French fashion designer

Yves Saint Laurent Museum Marrakech

All you need to know about Faye Toogood: Drawing, Material, Sculpture, Landscape

Our new monograph offers the first in-depth examination of the work of the internationally renowned British designer

Faye Toogood: Drawing, Material, Sculpture, Landscape

All you need to know about Italian Breakfast

Say ‘Buongiorno’ to the definitive guide to an Italianate take on the first meal of the day

Italian Breakfast

All you need to know about The ECAL Manual of Style

One of the world’s leading design schools opens up its innovative, highly effective teaching techniques to the world

The ECAL Manual of Style

All you need to know about Faith Ringgold: American People

Our book with The New Museum is the most comprehensive survey to date of the artist, whose work and activism span close to six decades

Faith Ringgold: American People

All you need to know about Design Emergency

Alice Rawsthorn and Paola Antonelli show how design can address the most pressing problems of the age

Design Emergency

All you need to know about Portugal: The Cookbook

It’s the largest collection of traditional Portuguese recipes ever translated into English, and it’s a deeply satisfying kitchen companion

Portugal: The Cookbook

All you need to know about Core

Clare Smyth’s debut cookbook offers a unique insight into her work and her three-Michelin-starred London restaurant


All you need to know about Nicolas Party

Our latest contemporary art monograph charts the rise of the Swiss art star

Nicolas Party

All you need to know about Iro: The Essence of Colour in Japanese Design

See pigments anew in the first and only book to present Japanese design through the colour spectrum

Iro: The Essence of Colour in Japanese Design

All you need to know about Wild: The Naturalistic Garden

Revel in the the beauty of the untamed world in this survey of the wilder side of contemporary gardening

Wild: The Naturalistic Garden

All you need to know about Artifacts

Get a super-fun fine art education via this collection of facts, figures, and findings about art, artists, and the art world


All you need to know about Vegan at Home

Enjoy 145 simple and delicious vegan recipes from celebrated Icelandic cook and culinary entrepreneur Solla Eiríksdóttir

Vegan at Home

All you need to know about Prime: Art’s Next Generation

Get this global snapshot of 107 great artists under the age of 40, as chosen by a panel of prominent artworld figures

Prime: Art's Next Generation

All you need to know about The Wellness Principles

Want to eat well, live well, and stay well? Then the world-renowned doctor Gary Deng will see you now

The Wellness Principles

All you need to know about The Gluten-Free Cookbook

Wander through the world, wheat-free, via the first-ever global guide to preparing and enjoying 350 gluten-free recipes

The Gluten-Free Cookbook

David Byrne is releasing an edition with Phaidon and Artspace

The multi-disciplinary artist has chosen one of his beautiful, idiosyncratic dingbat drawings for the limited edition print

 Phaidon's A History of the World (in Dingbats) limited edition book and  Digital archival print on Museo Portfolio Rag 300 gsm Size: 254 x 356 mm (10 x 14 in) Edition of 50 Hand signed, titled, and numbered

All you need to know about Jean Jullien

The French artist’s most comprehensive monograph to date is filled with deeply human reactions to our modern world

Jean Jullien

All you need to know about The Seasonal Gardener

Let the legendary British gardening writer Anna Pavord guide you through the seasons

The Seasonal Gardener

Elmgreen and Dragset on Unquestioning Love

The acclaimed fine art duo recall the AIDS crisis and describe the work they have contributed to the New York City AIDS Memorial sale at Christie’s

Elmgreen & Dragset photographed by Elmar Vestner

Trevor Paglen on Unquestioning Love

The artist describes his own experience of the AIDS crisis and the work he has contributed to the NYC AIDS Memorial Auction at Christie’s

Trevor Paglen. Image courtesy of the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Lisa Yuskavage on Unquestioning Love

Ahead of the New York City AIDS Memorial Auction, the masterful New York painter offers a deeply moving recollection

Lisa Yuskavage, 2018. Photo by Amanda Webster. Courtesy David Zwirner.

Buy Bird and support the National Audubon Society

To celebrate the publication of our survey of avian imagery we’ve donated to the National Audubon Society. This is how you can too

Bird: Exploring the Winged World

Lili Reynaud-Dewar wins the Prix Marcel Duchamp

The prestigious prize recognises the way in which the artist has celebrated the lives of figures such as Jean Genet, Sun Ra and Josephine Baker

Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Teeth Gums Machines Future Society, 2017, performance, Vleeshal, Middleburg, Netherlands, 2017. Artwork Lili Reynaud-Dewar.

Mickalene Thomas releases two new Phaidon Artspace Editions

Jet Blue 11 and Left Behind comprise hand-cut inkjet prints, pigment-printed silk fragments, and hand-applied acrylic pochoir

Jet Blue #11 and Left Behind

The Haas Brothers on Unquestioning Love

The artist twins recall the shadow AIDS cast over their young lives, and tell us about their reasons for supporting the NYC AIDS Memorial

The Haas Brothers – Biggy Stardust (2020)

Salman Toor on Unquestioning Love

The Pakistani-born, New York-based artist describes the work he has contributed to the New York City AIDS Memorial Auction at Christie's

Salman Toor - Blonde and Brunette (2021)

Martin Parr's game, set and match in Turin

We Love Sports, staged in association with Lavazza at CAMERA – Italian Centre for Photography, focuses on the photographer’s sporting work

Martin Parr's game, set and match in Turin

Woman Made: Jane Hall

Jane Hall is an author and founding member of Assemble, the UK-based, Turner Prize-winning collective. Here she tells us some of the things she learned about the world’s best women designers for her new book Woman Made

Jane Hall

Woody of Sneaker Freaker magazine on how he turned his obsession for sneaker ads into Soled Out

The sneaker authority tells us how he went from receiving a few pairs of free shoes through to authoring the definitive book on sneaker advertising

Soled Out