Which is your office chair?

This is #MyOfficeChair, what's yours?

We spend far too long sitting at our desks at work, so we wanted to share the experience and know why you love or hate your office chair...

As the sun continues to shine, the majority of us are stuck at work, sitting at our desks - sitting in a chair that we spend more time in than we do in any other.  So we wanted to share the frustration or the fun, depending on how you feel about your office chair.

Do you love or hate yours? Is your office chair an expensive ergonomic chair, or is it well-worn and the bane of your back?  Have you found an alternative solution: are you sitting on a gym fitness ball?!

  1. Take a photo of you and your chair, and get your colleagues to help make more creative pictures.

  2. Then share your photos on Twitter using the tag: #MyOfficeChair and tell us why you love or hate your chair. 

  3. The best pictures will be featured in the #MyOfficeChair is... gallery and you can see what everyone else is sitting on, and how your office chair compares, by following the #MyOfficeChair link on Twitter too.

Office chairs are something we've been thinking about a lot recently, as we compare ours to those in the new book A Taxonomy of Office Chairs by Jonathan Olivares. 


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