Enrique with anchor Sara Haines on Good Morning America

Enrique Olvera on how to build a better taco

The star Mexican chef appeared on Good Morning America to explain how he improved the famous street food

With most cuisines, the more expensive the restaurant, the better the dishes. However, in Mexico, it’s often the cheap street stands that sell the best tacos. So, how does the star Mexican chef Enrique Olvera create authentic tacos, worthy of his exclusive Manhattan restaurant Pujol?

By fooling around with the ingredients a little, while staying true to the Mexican flavor profile. As he explained to Good Morning America’s Sara Haines over the Memorial Day weekend, “you have a little spice, and a little acid [flavour], and you can play around with your food.”


Enrique with anchor Sara Haines on Good Morning America
Enrique with anchor Sara Haines on Good Morning America

To demonstrate his point, the star of the new Chef's Table series served tortillas made from poblano peppers, and garnished with a pureed version of guacamole, with his own secret added ingredient: peas.

Both the anchors and guests on the US’s leading breakfast TV show enjoyed his cooking, and he even gave viewers a tip on how to create a grill-like taste if you haven’t access to authentic flames.

“Add a little coal to your oil and chill it over night,” Olvera suggested. Proof that, even if you’re far from a great taco stand, you needn’t miss out on great tacos.


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You can watch the full clip above. Meanwhile, for more on authentic Mexican tacos, get Tacopedia, and for greater insight into how this chef has reworked his native cuisine order a copy of Enrique Olvera’s Mexico from the Inside Out here.