Barack Obama at Cosme, New York. Image courtesy of Tina Sanchoo's Instagram

What the President ordered at Cosme

When it came to a final, post-UN meal, Barack Obama knew Enrique Olvera’s restaurant was the place to go

As demanding jobs go, the American presidency is probably the toughest, though it has its perks, such as the ease with which the POTUS, or rather his staff, can book a good restaurant table. On Monday night, following his final address to the United Nations in New York, President Obama took advantage of this privilege for one of the last times, when he joined his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, and four others, in Cosme’s private dining room.

Mexico City chef Enrique Olvera opened this New York restaurant in Manhattan’s Flatiron district towards the end of 2014, and fast gained a reputation for serving innovative, contemporary Mexican cuisine in a tasteful setting, winning over critics such as the New York Times’ Pete Wells, celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, and now the 44th President of the United States.


Cosme, New York
Cosme, New York

The President’s party arrived at around 8:30pm, and stayed until 10pm, ordering Olvera’s tuna tostadas, lobster, burrata, duck carnitas, red mole and short ribs, as well as red wine and vodka cocktails. A manager at the restaurant told the New York Daily News that the president enjoyed the duck carnitas the most.

To discover dishes like these and much more besides order a copy of Olvera’s cookbook, Mexico from the Inside Out here.