Corey Lee in the new Visit California campaign

Corey Lee is inviting you to California

The Benu chef joins Magic Johnson and George Lopez in a new Visit California ad

When you think of the wonders of the West Coast, you may think of surfing, Hollywood and of course, the architecture. But Visit California, the state’s tourism body, are finding new delights to lure in visitors.

In its new Living the Dream campaign from Visit California, chef and Phaidon author Corey Lee puts in an appearance beside the basketball star Magic Johnson, the big wave rider Laird Hamilton, actress Anna Faris, and the comedian George Lopez.

The chef, and founder of the three-Michelin-starred San Francisco restaurant Benu, can be seen setting water bottles onto a communal dining table resting on the sands of Davenport Beach, while jokingly lamenting that life in the Golden State can get a little “same old, same old.”


Visit California Corey Lee

Lee, who is credited with developing a distinctly American take on fine dining by combining elements from his Korean heritage with haute cuisine techniques and newer trends, has also won praise for his San Francisco Museum of Modern Art restaurant, In Situ, which reinterprets signature dishes by other chefs from around the globe. Now it looks like Corey’s skills are drawing in the world’s gourmets. For more on the chef, his life and recipes order a copy of Benu here.