Justin Timberlake, René Redzepi and unidentified insect

René Redzepi just served bugs at Justin Timberlake's party!

Guests at the launch of Man of the Woods in New York were treated to some of Noma's six-legged snacks

Justin Timberlake is set to top the UK and US album charts this weekend with his fifth studio album, Man of the Woods. The noise around it was certainly boosted by his Super Bowl performance last weekend (regardless of whether it left you sporting a smile or a smirk), but his latest rustic, outdoorsy album has also been helped on its way by famous Danish chef, forager and Phaidon author René Redzepi.

Redzepi's restaurant Noma supplied the food for the album's launch party in New York, and it included some rather gritty snacks for the listeners. The menu featured ants coated in black garlic, and grasshoppers served with aebleskive, a kind of puffed Danish pancake, as well as more "conventional" Noma dishes, such as wild beach plants.


The Man of the Woods menu, image courtesy of Brian A. Hernandez's Twitter
The Man of the Woods menu, image courtesy of Brian A. Hernandez's Twitter

Some of the guests were no doubt a little surprised to be served bugs, though René Redezepi's insect dishes, served in a room decorated with bushes and trees, certainly fit the visual mood of the party though maybe not the comfort food feel of the album's homespun mix of country, soul, funk and gospel. For more on this innovative chef's life, outlook, recipes and techniques get this book; for more on eating insects get On Eating Insects.