Molino el Pujol, Mexico City. Image courtesy of Enrique Olvera's Instagram

Enrique Olvera just opened a cool little tortilla place

And if you're going don't bin the packaging - the food is wrapped in vital info on Mexican culinary culture

In Mexico, much of the best food isn’t served at fancy restaurants, but from street vendors. When Mexican chef Enrique Olvera opened his restaurant Pujol back in 2000, he sought to integrate haute cusine with lowly street food, serving tacos and tortillas alongside more complicated dishes, such as Baby Corn with Chicatana Ant, Coffee, and Chile Costeño Mayonnaise.

Pujol is currently ranked 20th on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list; however, Olvera is offering more casual diners a taste of his take on Mexican cuisine, via his new tortilla shop.

Called Molino el Pujol (or Pujol’s Mill), and located at Gral. Benjamín Hill 146 in Mexico City, this casual, café-like spot will sell tortillas, tamales, avocado tacos “and more delicious things”. Indeed, Molino el Pujol aims to serve food, and culinary knowledge, via its packaging.


Tortillas, as pictured in Mexico from the Inside Out
Tortillas, as pictured in Mexico from the Inside Out

As the chef explained to Eater, the tortillas will be wrapped in ‘newspapers’ – or, more accurately, sheets printed with information and articles about sweet corn. “It will help us transmit what’s happening in the world of corn,” he explains.

You may not be able to get to Mexico City but you can dip into a little of Enrique’s thinking on corn, tortillas and plenty more besides, by ordering his book Mexico from the Inside Out.