Chefs and Phaidon authors Virgilio Martinez, Musa Dağdeviren and Enrique Olvera

Phaidon chefs are heading West for Food Bowl

Virgilio Martinez, Enrique Olvera and Musa Dağdeviren co are LA-bound for the city’s annual culinary festival

With its world-class produce, dynamic cultural mix, and impressive array of talent, southern California’s culinary scene has been regarded as truly world class for some time now, even if there was no big event to mark its achievements.

That is, until Food Bowl, LA’s month-long festival, came to town. Now in its third year, the LA Times-sponsored event is truly managing to draw the globe’s greatest gastronomic talents to the City of Angels, this May.

The Phaidon author and Mexican chef Enrique Olvera will host Mesamérica L.A, the first iteration of his celebrated symposium to be held outside of America. The chef is working with the LA’s Times’ food editor Peter Meehan (who also wrote the foreword to Tu Casa Mi Casa) to create “a program to explore the culinary and cultural interconnectedness of Mexico City and Los Angeles,” explains the festival.

Meanwhile, Musa Dağdeviren, the acclaimed Turkish chef and author of The Turkish Cookbook, will host a special dinner at one of the city’s leading Middle-Eastern restaurants, Kismet, on 8 May; this Kismet X Ciya event is just one of many in Food Bowl’s Collaboration Lab programme. 

Though, when it comes to collaboration, the award-winning Chilean chef and Phaidon author Virgilio Martinez, is really joining hands in the kitchen. On 5 May, he will help cook a tasting menu at the city’s Vespertine restaurant, alongside fellow star chefs Dominique Crenn and Niki Nakayama. 


Signed copies of Tu Casa Mi Casa are available in our store
Signed copies of Tu Casa Mi Casa are available in our store

If you’re in town, also watch out for fellow Phaidon authors Rodolfo Guzmán and Jeremy Fox, who are also taking part. Can’t make it? Then take a look in our store. For more on Enrique Olvera, order a copy of Tu Casa Mi Casa; for more from Musa Dağdeviren get The Turkish Cookbook; for more on Virgilio Martinez get Central; for more on Jeremy Fox it's On Vegetables; and for Rodolfo Guzmán it’s Borago.