Jean Jullien: Public (2022):

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Artspace and Phaidon are proud to present a new and exclusive limited edition by beloved French graphic artist Jean Jullien.

Jullien’s first limited edition print, Public (2022), is available now in an edition of 75 hand signed and numbered prints produced in close collaboration with the artist. Each edition is accompanied by a hardback copy of Jullien’s new Phaidon monograph, presented together in a vibrant, bespoke portfolio case.

Spotlighting one of his favorite subjects—people—and referencing a unique work of the same name, Public highlights the artist’s playful approach to scenes from everyday life. Jullien makes use of his trademark wit with a scene that celebrates what many have been missing: standing amidst a colorful crowd. As if with a wink, Jullien places himself at the scene, represented by the single figure who gazes back at the viewer.

"My art is about communicating the positive in things, making people smile, making them think, too, sometimes, I hope." — Jean Jullien

Jullien’s quotidien observations are both personal and humorous, elevated by his talent for teasing whimsy from the mundane. His growing fine art practice emerges confidently from a background in graphic design and illustration that earned Jullien a cult-like following when his career began: thick black outlines, quirky facial expressions, and vibrant color are mainstays throughout his work. Jullien’s sweeping exhibition “Paper People” at the Parco Museum in Tokyo last fall cemented his reputation as a formidable fine artist who has mastered diverse media.

Jean Jullien is a prolific and beloved French graphic design artist. His creative output ranges from illustration, photography, and video to costumes, installations, books, posters, clothing — even skateboards. Jullien has shown work around the world with museums and galleries in Paris, London, Brussels, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and more. His work appears in The New York Times, New Yorker, National GeographicSZ MagazineTelerama and more, and he has collaborated with Beams, RCA Records, The Connaught, Colette, Amnesty International, Le Coq Sportif, Jardin des Plantes (Nantes), Hotel Amour, Champion USA, Salomon, and Petit Bateau, among other global brands.